How To Strategically Tell Your Fiancee To Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

wedding ring upgradeYour fiancé proposed. You gasped. He grinned while opening your ring box. Your eyes widen in anticipation. That was, until you saw how horrible the ring was. It wasn’t your style, your color, heck it wasn’t even your size. The band was too big and the diamond too small.

Now, you’re usually not this pathetically materialistic. But an engagement ring is something that you will wear and treasure for the rest of your life, so should it be something that you truly love and treasure?

You know that your fiancé has spent a lot of time, though obviously not a lot of resources given how ugly the ring was. Still, how to gently inform him that you’d like an exchange without hurting his feelings?

Scenario 1: Telling him point blank

You: Honey, I really appreciate the time you spent for choosing my engagement ring. However, I have been in love with a certain style for quite a while now and am wondering if you think it’s fine to exchange the ring?

If he’s arrogant — Him: Why, you think my taste is not good enough?

If he doesn’t make enough money – Him: Why, you think the diamond is not big enough?

If he’s the one – Him: Sure, I want you to be happy. Let’s go this weekend?

Scenario 2: Hinting at him (when do women learn that hinting to men doesn’t work?)

You: Honey, I love the ring you gave me but I’d like to see if the store you get the ring from can fix it a little bit.

If he’s arrogant – Him: Why, you think I didn’t inspect the ring enough before I bought it? If he doesn’t make enough money – Him: Why, you think the diamond is not big enough? If he’s the one – Him: What problem do you have with it, Honey? Sure, let’s go this weekend.

Scenario 3: Telling him that you “lost” it.

Scenario 4: Telling him that the dog ate it while you took it off before washing the dishes.

Scenario 5: Exchanging the ring yourself while hoping he didn’t notice.

Scenario 6: Ripping off all previous scenarios, deciding to accept the ring because the important thing is he loves you.

Whatever it is that you are going to do, I wish you the best of luck and congrats! If you are looking for advice on how to buy diamonds, you should head to to get started…

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