Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

1. Buy things that you can save or use after the wedding. If you’d like a lot of flowers, consider fake ones. Some flower decorations can be substituted with silk ones especially if you place them high above the ground, so nobody’ll know that they’re fake. They cost little, equally beautiful and last for a long time.

2. Buy high quality things on a discount, but not cheap things on full price. Some people mistake this by doing exactly the opposite way. An example is getting bridesmaids gifts. Whether if you’re getting jewelry, spa packages, or else, if you’re buying in bulk, you’re more likely to save money.

Watch closely for sales at your favorite items and you’d save more money. Your bridesmaids would appreciate expensive gifts more than cheaper gifts, even though the dollar cost might be the same.

3. Get inspirations from expensive wedding items, then replicate it with less expensive materials. My friend got a centerpiece idea from a bridal magazine. The arrangement of elaborate fruit and flower centerpiece cost $150 each, and with my friend’s 15 guest tables, it seemed a bit much for her budget.

So she went to Coscto, got beautiful huge rounded glass jars with wooden base for $20 each, and bought cases of fresh fruit and some flower bouquets. Her talented friend helped her with it and the grand total for the centerpieces was only $30 each.

4. Negotiate with vendors. Some vendors would gladly work within your budget, if you ask nicely. Ask them if they have alternatives for your budget or if they can lower their prices a little bit. But do not ask a dozen times to lower their prices – they won’t like it.

Give them a good business, refer them to people you know are getting married. Even if they only got a phone call and no business yet, they’d appreciate your gesture and they would do their best too.

5. Shop wedding sample sales. When I got married, I got a sample wedding dress that was originally $5500 for $1400. I even got to resell it for close to what I paid for it due to the fact that the dress was from a well-known bridal gown designer.

I chose to buy a pair of silver shoes rather than white because I knew that I would ruin white satin shoes in a day and I could still wear my silver shoes for a long time. Besides, nobody see your shoes anyway!