Everyone Who Thought Wedding Gifts Would Cover Their Wedding Cost Must be Crazy

wedding giftsBelieve it or not, there are many people out there who thought that the wedding gifts they’d receive would cover the costs of their wedding. There are people who blatantly put “Cash only gifts, please” or more subtle “We would appreciate non-boxed gifts” – meaning cash only gifts – wordings into their invitations.

Even though some traditions do not mind this request, for traditional Americans, this request is inappropriate.

There are people who send wedding announcements, but not invitations, to distant relatives or old friends they never see, to get gifts. There are people who prioritize inviting rich relatives or friends that they’re not so close to than inviting their close ones, only to receive more expensive gifts.

What’s worse, I once heard of people who sent wedding invitations AFTER the wedding, to people they hadn’t seen anymore, just to see if they could extract gifts from these people.

Some wedding couples have ‘honeymoon funds’, ‘money dance’, multiple wedding showers which some people regard as tacky. I have a friend who told me that her cousin exaggerated how lavish and expensive her wedding would be and had wedding registries at expensive stores with equally expensive items as well.

This was done so that people would send her more expensive gifts. But the wedding actually was low key with fake flowers and even the cake was home baked by her aunt as well. Her cousin later informed my friend that even with her effort to save money on her reception, she couldn’t even break even with the wedding gifts. Well, hard luck with that!

Bottom line is, if you think you’d get more money from your guests by having a wedding reception, don’t. I’ve never heard of such thing. Not to mention unbelievably bad mannered.