Choosing a Wedding Veil

wedding black and whiteChoosing a wedding veil shouldn’t be a difficult process. However, it might be a daunting task for a bride. Which color to choose, length to consider, best material to have? If you have a clear idea of your wedding veil in mind, contact us and we’ll work on a custom made wedding veil for you.

For Crystal-embellished Veils, please click here to view several designs.

For Lace Veils, please click here to view several designs.

For Wedding Veil Lengths, here are our guidelines:

SHOULDER LENGTH veil is often referred to as the “Madonna” wedding veil because it resembles a halo. Doubled tulle is cut into a circle and folded to form a face blusher. Ranging in length from 18″ to 27,” just coming to or passing the shoulders. Simple style sheath gowns look fabulous with this length of wedding veil.

ELBOW LENGTH is just a bit longer than the shoulder length wedding veil. It measures anywhere from 28″ to 36 ” in length and covers the shoulders and ends at or near the elbows. View our collections

FINGERTIP wedding veil is meant to extend to your outstretched fingertips. It’s one of the most popular veil lengths and can be single layer or doubled with a blusher front. View our collections.

CHAPEL LENGTH wedding veil is meant to just barely skim the floor. This is a tricky veil to individually measure, as it may mean customizing a veil with a pair of scissors to suit the bride’s height. A bride must also account for her heels when trying on a chapel length veil.

CATHEDRAL LENGTH wedding veil is meant for very formal weddings since its dramatic beauty can be the focal point of attention over the dress. A Cathedral Veil can extend for more than 5 yards if desired, but your best guide is to have the wedding veil extend at least a foot beyond your gown’s train. View our collections.

MANTILLA wedding veil is inspired by Spanish style lace mantilla, this veil type is gaining popularity amongst brides who want to look traditional in a different way. View our collections.

Our wedding veils are made of soft tulle and created with beauty and value in mind. These veils are classic and sophisticated in style and design to match most wedding dresses.

Low price guarantee: If you find an item lower priced somewhere else, we will match the price. Order with confidence!